Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts

What to do!

I came to think that in order for me to care for others I have to look after myself.

This comes across as selfish… I tell my daughter to be considerate to others nevertheless to put herself first… This is like what came first the Chicken or the Egg and is bound to confuse even the most pragmatic souls.

You are frown upon  if you are narcissistic , and if you humble you are a victim not able to stand up for your self.

There is loads and loads of self help articles of how to be a balance person about  loving yourself but not too much that seems vain and egocentric.

Do we really need to measure  ourselves that we good because we care and how much we show we do. Does that give us a right to imagine that we are better and therefore more  of aworthy human.


Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts

Invisible panel of judges

I’m wondering why humans are perfectionist by nature is it because we want to be better or we like other people to think we are.

We are brought up to be concern about what other people think, whether we might swear that we don’t care… always a little smidgen of us is worried about approval .

The Invisible panel of judges comes when we are obsessed with the

‘ what would they think ‘ that it cripples everything we do.

My question to all is who are they to you?  or are they in our heads…

If the latter is more familiar, I would suggest you to give yourself a break as you are thinking too much in the doing something rather than do it for real.

If that something has to improve you will be alerted, in the meantime just keep up with what you doing and don’t let this panel bother you anymore. it is taking important time from your life…

Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts

Some things in life are unplanned and we have to go through with them without looking too much in to it.

We need to remain true to ourselves and not only for self preservation. Also to show love ones and the rest of the world that we there to give and help.

Humans are a force that the universe sometimes likes to challenge whether emotionally or physically.


Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts

Power play

How little takes for people to power play.

I think whenever you meet someone who you think… you can look or try to look down. We start to use it. Sadly sometimes is abused and can be harmful for the receiver .

A silly but very important power play is when people get your name wrong… Of course you will not correct them, it comes across as just a silly misunderstanding…

Well my friend you should ask yourself  if it is a simple mistake as  your name is the first thing that  identify you as a being and it shouldn’t dismissed at any level, even in the most mundane occasions.

Remember to enjoy your day…


Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts

Another day

Another day another post…

Today I run to work well run and walk… sometimes I can run all the way and sometimes not. I love the route I take as it is mainly close to the river, it makes me smile.

Knowing little irrelevant facts about buildings and places I pass by in my runs make me love this city ( London) even more.

I been in London since 1998 and I will not change it for nowhere else in the world…

OK, the weather not a plus but it does not  affect my life at all and besides I  don’t have any control over it.

The only thing I would say that isn’t my cup of tea here is to see so many angry people, they clearly not depressed. They are angry with the world. I sometimes join this force . Nevertheless I wonder why we have to spend so much time in festering our dislikes and how unfair  life is, rather than let it be and find solutions to the things we can improve.


Everything and Nothing

Hello there… this is my first post so bare with me…

First I’m terrible with typos mistakes, I think I’m slightly dyslexic , although nothing to worry about very,very frustrating.

This blog  is just for you who are browsing through blogs and decided to have a bit of a read of something mundane yet unique.

I’m not yet sure what I will be talking about, sometimes something super interesting, sometimes I might rant about subjects that are relevant to me or not for that matter…and all other things in between

My brain at the moment is a bit muddle up about what to write that would be of interest so I will not bore you with nothing…

I’ll be back soon with something worth writing and reading.