Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts

Invisible panel of judges

I’m wondering why humans are perfectionist by nature is it because we want to be better or we like other people to think we are.

We are brought up to be concern about what other people think, whether we might swear that we don’t care… always a little smidgen of us is worried about approval .

The Invisible panel of judges comes when we are obsessed with the

‘ what would they think ‘ that it cripples everything we do.

My question to all is who are they to you?  or are they in our heads…

If the latter is more familiar, I would suggest you to give yourself a break as you are thinking too much in the doing something rather than do it for real.

If that something has to improve you will be alerted, in the meantime just keep up with what you doing and don’t let this panel bother you anymore. it is taking important time from your life…


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