Silence is not ignorance

Even though one could be portrait as talkative being. We sometimes take time to be silent.
Sadly humans think silence is a weaknes or they are not brave enough to bare it.
I had in the past fear  it and think there is some solitud within it (this is true). I also have found  peace in it and most of all reflextion and understanding.
Silence is not emptied of sound for me, it means take your time to listen , observe and regroup then take action.
What  I have come across  lately is that we are in a society where we have to voice our opinion  costantly, to show  your knowledge. There are no so many  new ideas to come up with and stones unturn.
I’m not Checov, I just understand  silence  It is full  of emotions and respect and it isn’t a sign of ignorance  or not caring.

Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts

Ladies first! maybe not!

Everyone hates the journey to work in public transport. At least I haven’t come across someone that is looking forward to travel to work every morning.

I’m all for live and let live and respect each other. This does not mean that I will not get irritated with the non moving average male (25 to 50) either  be the train or tube, They are just terrible they find their space and they don’t shaft  is like they get a block of cement in each foot.

I’m not asking them to be gentlemen because I know they didn’t have the opportunity of being educated properly in this mere matters of life.or when that bit came about they simple didn’t listen because by then they thought they knew how to behave in public.

So please guys! Just move an inch or two and give the pregnant /old lady your precious little seat. I promise will not hurt and while you are at it remember Ladies first!!!!!!


Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts

Is this true? Or I’m just gullible

I know most of the stories about body transformation on the info web aren’t real… but what strike me the most is where do people find time to do this things are they so self obsessed that they stop doing or spending time on the normal things  and they invest their whole life to improve their bodies.

Yes I can discipline myself to do a regime,but this only takes one hour of my day… I have a family and a job which they required  more of my  attention than to get the last fad.

I don’t have a great body and I like to be a 1.5 stone lighter… ,  this does not hinder me in any way except for the wishing and sometimes looking(a good portion of my browsing) for the miracle pill or herb to reduce my weight on the marvelous internet which of course it is fills with millions of success stories from people who they had modified  their bodies.

I do not want to take anything away from them if their weight loss and life transformation happens to be true, their achievements and the inspiration they give others. But some of them they are unrealistic almost asking you to give up the rest of the world which surround you. and only to achieved optimal weight.than more often than not will revert or change again as we are a constant change.

It is a business and great that companies and people can profit from it, my only thought are where do humans will find the time to be so self center and neglect the day to day things.

If all this weight stories are true it saddens me to realize that we are a punch of Idiots who are punting the priorities of life in the wrong places. People love other people for who they are not how they look (at least some of us).

You do need to look good and look after yourself but at the same time losing touch with reality is not that cool and is very selfish too.

Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts


I can not pin point the date, and what made me click, something that perhaps my husband (then boyfriend )said.

The  anguish that I had carried for years was starting to leave my body ,my heart and my mind, I was many times tempted to relapse… I knew it will be easier to feel sorry for myself.

Everyday even though not always the best is a new day with new challenges in which I can decide their difficulty and the urge to solved them or overcome them, some they go under the carpet for a while and some have resolutions and the ones one does not have control over they linger and live with you without changing much of your essence .

We all have issues , the difference is how we see ourselves withing them, ignoring them will not achieve anything, duel on them hinder the capability to weather them as you are reminded constantly of their difficulty. I think tackle them head first and then analyze them, it works best.We might not like the result but this is part of life sometimes you are lucky and everything is where you wanted to be. Sometimes there is shit all around us.

I always try to find the  solution so if there is doom  I will do my best to look for a tiny bit of fairy dust. which will the way to a better situation.

I will always do my best for my love ones and as pragmatic as my decisions are , they are full of thought and love.


Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts


Righteous people pissed me off weather I love them or not.

They think that whatever the reason (big or small) they have the right to impose their ways in the whole  world. None one but them have the opportunity to speak or be heard when such people are about. It is difficult because all the other parties who have to deal with the righteous person will be always in the wrong. when you offer a suggestion you are meddling and if you allow them to be you are not interested or not caring about whichever the situation is. They need to be the center of attention if they are not their bubble burst and they get depressed , (of course for all external circumstances, they didn’t create). Then once they are depressed poor souls they get the attention and more often than not they not taking the help provided because is beneath them.

Yeah you may say I’m a nasty piece of work for feeling this way, the matter is that when this involves me and my love ones and touches me directly, I get defensive as I do not let anybody put me down or dismiss me.

They may claim they are not doing it intentionally but sadly it is in their nature and their actions are very calculated. maybe out of jealousy .

The sad thing is that this people don’t allow you to help out or give others the love and care you need and know how  to give. They are toxic people who don’t see beyond themselves, even though they are good people and you love them….

Sorry guys this is more a rant than a thought. But hey “What can we do with the drunker sailor! “