Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts


Righteous people pissed me off weather I love them or not.

They think that whatever the reason (big or small) they have the right to impose their ways in the whole  world. None one but them have the opportunity to speak or be heard when such people are about. It is difficult because all the other parties who have to deal with the righteous person will be always in the wrong. when you offer a suggestion you are meddling and if you allow them to be you are not interested or not caring about whichever the situation is. They need to be the center of attention if they are not their bubble burst and they get depressed , (of course for all external circumstances, they didn’t create). Then once they are depressed poor souls they get the attention and more often than not they not taking the help provided because is beneath them.

Yeah you may say I’m a nasty piece of work for feeling this way, the matter is that when this involves me and my love ones and touches me directly, I get defensive as I do not let anybody put me down or dismiss me.

They may claim they are not doing it intentionally but sadly it is in their nature and their actions are very calculated. maybe out of jealousy .

The sad thing is that this people don’t allow you to help out or give others the love and care you need and know how  to give. They are toxic people who don’t see beyond themselves, even though they are good people and you love them….

Sorry guys this is more a rant than a thought. But hey “What can we do with the drunker sailor! “


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