Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts

Is this true? Or I’m just gullible

I know most of the stories about body transformation on the info web aren’t real… but what strike me the most is where do people find time to do this things are they so self obsessed that they stop doing or spending time on the normal things  and they invest their whole life to improve their bodies.

Yes I can discipline myself to do a regime,but this only takes one hour of my day… I have a family and a job which they required  more of my  attention than to get the last fad.

I don’t have a great body and I like to be a 1.5 stone lighter… ,  this does not hinder me in any way except for the wishing and sometimes looking(a good portion of my browsing) for the miracle pill or herb to reduce my weight on the marvelous internet which of course it is fills with millions of success stories from people who they had modified  their bodies.

I do not want to take anything away from them if their weight loss and life transformation happens to be true, their achievements and the inspiration they give others. But some of them they are unrealistic almost asking you to give up the rest of the world which surround you. and only to achieved optimal weight.than more often than not will revert or change again as we are a constant change.

It is a business and great that companies and people can profit from it, my only thought are where do humans will find the time to be so self center and neglect the day to day things.

If all this weight stories are true it saddens me to realize that we are a punch of Idiots who are punting the priorities of life in the wrong places. People love other people for who they are not how they look (at least some of us).

You do need to look good and look after yourself but at the same time losing touch with reality is not that cool and is very selfish too.


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