Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts

Ladies first! maybe not!

Everyone hates the journey to work in public transport. At least I haven’t come across someone that is looking forward to travel to work every morning.

I’m all for live and let live and respect each other. This does not mean that I will not get irritated with the non moving average male (25 to 50) either  be the train or tube, They are just terrible they find their space and they don’t shaft  is like they get a block of cement in each foot.

I’m not asking them to be gentlemen because I know they didn’t have the opportunity of being educated properly in this mere matters of life.or when that bit came about they simple didn’t listen because by then they thought they knew how to behave in public.

So please guys! Just move an inch or two and give the pregnant /old lady your precious little seat. I promise will not hurt and while you are at it remember Ladies first!!!!!!



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