Silence is not ignorance

Even though one could be portrait as talkative being. We sometimes take time to be silent.
Sadly humans think silence is a weaknes or they are not brave enough to bare it.
I had in the past fear  it and think there is some solitud within it (this is true). I also have found  peace in it and most of all reflextion and understanding.
Silence is not emptied of sound for me, it means take your time to listen , observe and regroup then take action.
What  I have come across  lately is that we are in a society where we have to voice our opinion  costantly, to show  your knowledge. There are no so many  new ideas to come up with and stones unturn.
I’m not Checov, I just understand  silence  It is full  of emotions and respect and it isn’t a sign of ignorance  or not caring.


2 thoughts on “Silence is not ignorance

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