Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts

The unwelcome glare

This is mainly for the ladies. We all have done it and it is not out of envy I hope…

The looking at a person with such intensity that it is taken as an evil stare, whether is about clothes , looks or activity performed by our counterparts.

Is that sentiment that is so strong that comes from the core of our stomach until it reach our eyes, we accommodate our heads so the laser beams come out to the best angle.

The receiver could be unaware ,good for them, or aware  which it come become a glare war or a obliteration.

Poor innocent soul, we subject them to a dress down  in front of an audience. I am not sure what we do it , maybe is the wishful thinking that that person could be us? at some point.

The bottom line is that is a very horrible thing to do to someone and this show how crappy we are even with frivolities.