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Daily Prompt: Rearrange

Daily Prompt: Rearrange

The beauty of rearrange is that you are free to do it all the time, it is like a new begging withing your ever moving world.

I rearrange my ideas as I put  them in order, is like the furniture in your house I rearrange it to look and feel either renewed or different withing the same context.

Rearrange means that you are not limited to be or think you are stuck, it tells you  that you are in constant motion to strive and better your self and your surroundings.

Sometimes all this rearranging can have an adverse effect , the good thing as I mentioned before you can regroup and rearrange again and again to find  the right rearrangement to harmonize everything and everyone, I know the last statement  sounds a bit too hopeful… if not to flowery power…

At the end of the day one likes to feel that can move things about(palpable things, abstract things , ideas and actions) Life is life and one has to make the best of it. by  doing some tweaking improvements for time to time.

What I do love to do is changing my living room for time to time, my husband laugh at me, my daughter loves it and my boy couldn’t care less, one thing I know is when all is more a less done, well things never get done completely(well it does depends of the project at hand and what we call completed), they enjoy the changes. I rare occasions they ask me when I’m going to rearrange the space which delights me as they gave me a free pass…

I will stop blabbering , I think rearranging rocks !


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Sometimes is good to write about nothing…

Loads of things had happen since my last post. Mainly to do with family, now trying to arrive to the other side of the drama and put a bow on it.

Although very happy to have move to our own place (renting, but still own place without other people but my husband and 2 children), guilty that I can not  care for people who I love. well enough of this nonsense, I already emotionally drain.

Lately to escape going on and on about one topic, I have started to observe people, not that I don’t do it all the time but I’m spending extra minutes thinking i the superfluous things that concerns(or maybe not) that individual. Such as the clothe combination they wear.

This one puzzle me the other day, someone that try to emulate Tom Cruises style of jeans( not flare or straight enough )and Cuban shoes, sadly this shoes were a cross between a Chelsea boot and the style mention above, of course the trouser were high waist and light blue. , I gather you get the picture is like men who wear suits or chinos they don’t really know how to wear denim. They buy them short or they use the belt at the wrong height… What ever it was wrong.