Everything and Nothing


Why do we use long or well research(not always)awkward words to say something simple or straight forward.

I do understand it in consumerism , advertising, marketing and media . but lately I encounter it everywhere. Maybe I might be paying more attention…

I was looking at a recipe book and on the cover said that the content in the book it come from the ” Maximum authority” in sauces making malaki . Why? is the food we eat so arbitrary that we need a ranking in creating sauces. what about if suddenly a mere Cadette with not much experience decides to invent a garnish or a sauce. would we ever get to know such recipe…. Yeah it sounds ridiculous.

Sometimes I love when things are not related at all with the word use to describe them just for the sake of using an unusual  word.

For example… Flavorsome Dress… (Just came out with it or maybe I read it somewhere).Sorry a dress does not leave any impression in my sense of taste, it isn’t an edible thing it is a garment so the three senses it could be related is to my eyes/touch and even smell but it is not in my mouth unless I’m in a steamy situation or I have a weir fetish with eating fabric .

Do big words make you be more interested in things or they create expectation?. I think the latter as they dictate to you what you need to feel about things even if they don’t have anything to do with the original point/thing etc.

Well after my courageous attempt to dance with words which are so delicious and silky… I will go to do some Christmas planning including that ruthless sauce.