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The desire to wear next season fashion

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Some women(me included) can not wait for the following season to start in order to wear the clothes which will be on trend. Sometimes even if we know it will not make us look our best. It is the desire of feeling  that you are on point at least with your fashion sense.

“Is it because we love change and clothe is something we can control ? Well not really as now is like 23 degrees centigrades outside and most the ladies I’ve have seen today are wearing some sort of autumnal garment or should I refer to it as Fall as we talking fashion here.

I must admit there are still the human who desperately want the so call summer not to end until late September, so they can wear as much  of their Feb-March shopping spree. as possible or simply wear the white shirt with jeans classic outfit. That method is a bit tricky because if you  are one of those people you are always about a month out of fashion (I think…)

There is so many clothe ,trends etc that one sometimes gets overwhelmed and everything goes out the window. and you wear whatever, I know this  seems very lame and frivolous but loads of people put a lot of energy ,time and skills on making sure fashion and seasons are follow or liked.

There is no rule really of when to wear any garment if you like it and feel like it wear it no matter the season. Although the people of the fashion industry may differ as “There is an outfit for every occasion” . Again dear reader I got court reading about the subject of fashion and lost the trail of what I was on about…  please accept my apologies.


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