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The extra second of your life…

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Now a days everyone seems to be busy, it’s becoming a competition apparently, I had a quick look through to the article in http://www.stylist.co.uk/ , nevertheless we constantly are or pretend that we have a timeframe for everything.

I like to comment about this which annoys me a lot about how some people (possibly me too without realizing it) behave to save the extra second while pushing through other people in the Tube escalator or gates.

Do we really want that second?, is this time imperative for us?. Well I think not.

I understand that we can be in a hurry but really dwell in that insignificant particle of time is making us feel miserable, adding to whatever drama is going on in our lives.

I think we concentrate too much in the negative rather that keep going. Life goes on there is many aspects of it some that are schedule and some that not.

Schedules , rotas, plans, calendars, PAs, mothers, wives  and all of this sort of organizational tools help us to survive and have a more orderly life but they should not take over from the organic time that let us be who we really are. maybe lazy, super driven and all the possibles in between.

We should not be condition by time we need to make time work for us and don’t be that impatient that we can not spare a second, to let a fellow human do something that does not going to change the course of our lives, before us.

What is more sad is that maybe I’m very gullible and people are rude and there isn’t more to it . ( I’ll refuse to think that though)

Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes.


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