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There is a little concern


There is a little concern of mine in regards of my daughter .

As a mum I worried and sometimes I like to be in her head in regards of body image.

I want her not to care but be aware that she needs to pay the sufficient attention to be a healthy person. She is hitting puberty now.

I had bulimarexia when I was a kid and all started right about the same age  she is now, Issues were starting to matter and I focus myself in body image and food.

I do not want her to have the same horrible feelings that I did or be dictated by how she look like , I know I can not protect her and I know she has more sense than me, or does she?  Would she feel the pressure of what society wants us to be on the outside.

Thoughts can change and take you to very dark places,. How to stop those triggers, that’s my worry.

Of course she is awesome clever healthy and beautiful and she seems to be carefree about this, I do not want to pre empty a situation and therefore create one.

Either way I will be here for her giving her all my love and my wisdom on the subject as much as I can.

Below one  of many website about the subject if you like more info in what are eating  disorders.








Everything and Nothing


Why do we use long or well research(not always)awkward words to say something simple or straight forward.

I do understand it in consumerism , advertising, marketing and media . but lately I encounter it everywhere. Maybe I might be paying more attention…

I was looking at a recipe book and on the cover said that the content in the book it come from the ” Maximum authority” in sauces making malaki . Why? is the food we eat so arbitrary that we need a ranking in creating sauces. what about if suddenly a mere Cadette with not much experience decides to invent a garnish or a sauce. would we ever get to know such recipe…. Yeah it sounds ridiculous.

Sometimes I love when things are not related at all with the word use to describe them just for the sake of using an unusual  word.

For example… Flavorsome Dress… (Just came out with it or maybe I read it somewhere).Sorry a dress does not leave any impression in my sense of taste, it isn’t an edible thing it is a garment so the three senses it could be related is to my eyes/touch and even smell but it is not in my mouth unless I’m in a steamy situation or I have a weir fetish with eating fabric .

Do big words make you be more interested in things or they create expectation?. I think the latter as they dictate to you what you need to feel about things even if they don’t have anything to do with the original point/thing etc.

Well after my courageous attempt to dance with words which are so delicious and silky… I will go to do some Christmas planning including that ruthless sauce.








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Purposely Miserable People

I will rant today so I’m sorry…
I run to work today as I usually do, although today for some particular reason I notice a few miserable faces about and ask to myself do most of the people need to be miserable? fine, fine and fine there are loads of humans that do.

AS I write this my argument is crumbling which is not good as now I realize, yeah why we need to pretend we are happy all the time.(boo I’m getting depressed now)

See what I did there I made myself miserable by thinking in misery and all the problems that people may or may not have to create this mood to themselves.

The worst thing is that is contagious rather like laughing. What is bored me is the purposely miserable likes to hate who ever seems to be having an ok time (neutral) is the look they give the robotic woke up in the morning need about an hour to react. like they do not have the right to be sleepy (why)another victims are the cyclist who in hind sight wasn’t paying attention to the lights and avoid the pedestrian crossing narrowly(may I say most of the time the pedestrian is not the Purposely Miserable individual). The Motorist who miss the previous mention cyclist, the list is endless.

The fun thing is when the Purposely miserable target another Purposely Miserable.(carnage)
Misery attackers will fight to the end to argue that they are the most happy reasonable individuals in the earth and they can help overcome everything…

They wake up with the intention of ruin somebody’s day, they are also an army that if they get together they compete as who make more humans miserable, is like they are hire to perform their misery and rather than “spread the love” (I do find this patronizing too… another article coming) spread bad vibes around because they can not handle be miserable by themselves.

So Please dear Purposely Miserable people, if you need to be sad or hateful for the day without a real reason just be considerate and spare others from the intention to harm.

Sorry to have subjected you to my miss-spellings.

Everything and Nothing

Daily Prompt: Sincere

via Daily Prompt: Sincere

mid 16th century (also in the sense ‘not falsified, unadulterated’): from Latin sincerus ‘clean, pure’.
Clean with out impurities , nothing extra just clean…
So many things are like this , sometimes we dismiss them, things such a crisp Autumn morning.
It just there at your door step welcome you to the day and offering you what it is. It does not care what it gets in return is just giving you the sincerity of a day in a season of the year not more not less.
Breathing its air fills your lungs with the purity of life, there is not need to alter it to your convenience , the peaceful feeling that is real and you can observe it and feel it and take it all in with out a fee is enough to reassure you that this is the way forward in life.
Thank you.
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Daily Prompt: Copycat

via Daily Prompt: Copycat

Everyone would think that being a copy cat is a bad thing… It always had a negative connotation as the person who is coping is some how an idea thief.

I wonder if we could see it in a lighter light, for example the person who uses someone else  idea wants the idea to be known , a bit like networking.

Why do we need to patent our thoughts?

Short and sweet!

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Daily Prompt: Rearrange

Daily Prompt: Rearrange

The beauty of rearrange is that you are free to do it all the time, it is like a new begging withing your ever moving world.

I rearrange my ideas as I put  them in order, is like the furniture in your house I rearrange it to look and feel either renewed or different withing the same context.

Rearrange means that you are not limited to be or think you are stuck, it tells you  that you are in constant motion to strive and better your self and your surroundings.

Sometimes all this rearranging can have an adverse effect , the good thing as I mentioned before you can regroup and rearrange again and again to find  the right rearrangement to harmonize everything and everyone, I know the last statement  sounds a bit too hopeful… if not to flowery power…

At the end of the day one likes to feel that can move things about(palpable things, abstract things , ideas and actions) Life is life and one has to make the best of it. by  doing some tweaking improvements for time to time.

What I do love to do is changing my living room for time to time, my husband laugh at me, my daughter loves it and my boy couldn’t care less, one thing I know is when all is more a less done, well things never get done completely(well it does depends of the project at hand and what we call completed), they enjoy the changes. I rare occasions they ask me when I’m going to rearrange the space which delights me as they gave me a free pass…

I will stop blabbering , I think rearranging rocks !