Everything and Nothing, Scattered Thoughts


I can not pin point the date, and what made me click, something that perhaps my husband (then boyfriend )said.

The  anguish that I had carried for years was starting to leave my body ,my heart and my mind, I was many times tempted to relapse… I knew it will be easier to feel sorry for myself.

Everyday even though not always the best is a new day with new challenges in which I can decide their difficulty and the urge to solved them or overcome them, some they go under the carpet for a while and some have resolutions and the ones one does not have control over they linger and live with you without changing much of your essence .

We all have issues , the difference is how we see ourselves withing them, ignoring them will not achieve anything, duel on them hinder the capability to weather them as you are reminded constantly of their difficulty. I think tackle them head first and then analyze them, it works best.We might not like the result but this is part of life sometimes you are lucky and everything is where you wanted to be. Sometimes there is shit all around us.

I always try to find the  solution so if there is doom  I will do my best to look for a tiny bit of fairy dust. which will the way to a better situation.

I will always do my best for my love ones and as pragmatic as my decisions are , they are full of thought and love.



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